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Prepare for 1.5
« on: August 29, 2019, 12:18:37 pm »
Next version (1.5) will be playable on no-kbd devices also known as mobile phones and tables.
AP will be 'installable' from web a browser as PWA (Progressive Web Application).

That forced me to add new soft keyboard:

Hope you guys can type your name using it ;)

Menu navigation:
- tap on module to hilight it, tap away to deactivate it.
- swipe up/down starting from outside of active module (if any) to scroll menu
- tap or swipe on active module to interact with it

Few obvious hints:
- start playing by tapping on 'Play Campaign' then tap again on campaign map
- edit your name by tapping 'Player Profile' then tap again on 'Name' element
- edit your avatar by tapping on different parts of the portrait

Game play:
You need 2 hands, each armed with at least 1 finger!

Using left hand finger you control:
- braking (hold your finger at left of 1/6 screen's width)
- accelerate (hold your finger between 2/6 and 1/2 of screen's width
- crouch (hold your finger at the bottom of left screen's half)

Right hand fingers can:
- fire (tap at lower-right quarter of screen)
- jump (tap at upper-right quarter of screen)
- exit to menu (tap at the upper right corner of the screen)

So good luck, let's have some finger-gym ;)

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